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HR Expert

Further training for HR Business Partnering at the highest level.

Our new training programme enables you to redesign yourself and your opportunities in HR.


Duration: 6 months
Interval: Once a month on Fridays, 6 hours each
Location: Online via Zoom
Group: maximum 14 people

Costs Early Bird: €1450 plus VAT

Regular Cost: €1950 plus VAT

  • Do you feel that you are not seen as a strategic business partner at eye level within your organization?

  • Would you like to act on an equal footing with all stakeholders, but you still lack the skills?

  • Do you have the feeling that the demands on HR are increasing and you would like to develop further with like-minded people and present your topics in a protected space?

Does the following sound familiar?

HR work in your organisation is changing rapidly.

Your workload is constantly increasing.

Employees in the company show too little interest in working with HR.

In the HR team you lack the specific skills to respond to the issues of the future.

Your daily work is characterised by uncertainty and change. The perceived value of HR work in the company is too low.

Lack of management's support for HR initiatives

Create a healthy, strong and successful HR department - for you, your employees and your company.

The compact course for

HR business partners

Online course with personal support

  • Online course with personal support

  • Compact knowledge from more than +15 years of HR experience including scale ups

  • Coaching background

  • 6 modules and post support for integration

  • Digital workbook for guidance and support between and after the modules

  • Impulses and evidence-based tools for your everyday business life

  • Buddy system for even deeper learning and exchange

Your protected space for practical exchange and self-learning phases

  • Your current topics are at the centre of our attention and can be discussed

  • Peer group for sustainable exchange and learning even after the end of the course

  • Through our further self-learning modules after our deep dive session, we also deepen your integration phase

  • Transfer tasks for reflecting on and anchoring what you have learnt

  • Accompanying material for reading, applying and reflecting on what you have learnt

Toolbox of methods

  • Our proven methods from +15 years of HR expertise

  • Methods from systems theory

  • Methods from positive psychology & positive leadership

  • Development of individual solutions for your situation

  • Your inner attitude and standing within your organisation will improve significantly


The contents


The basics

Firstly, we create a common understanding of the concepts of coaching and positive psychology and show why these approaches are indispensable for the HR work of tomorrow.

Immerse yourself in a world of innovation and become part of a new era of human resource management!



Immerse yourself in a world in which you lay the foundations for sustainable and healthy leadership - both as a reliable sparring partner and as an inspiring team leader. Start your journey with an in-depth look at self-leadership and experience the power of positive leadership.


Systemic interventions

Ready for a change of perspective:

In this module, you will learn how systemic interventions can open up new perspectives and insights.

The skills you learn will provide you with effective tools that will not only take your individual work to a new level, but also collaboration across the entire organisation.



Always important: the art of successful communication. In this module, we shed light on why a thorough clarification of the assignment is essential, even in a permanent position. We show how this can develop into an effective coaching process and present effective interventions that will take your communication within HR work to a new level.


Sustainable business partnering

After you have mastered the power of self-leadership and taken the first steps on the path of how to deal with your stakeholders, we go deeper into the foundation for sustainable and healthy leadership - both as a reliable sparring partner and as an inspiring team leader. Discover a new approach that focuses on the strengths of your employees and motivates them to perform at their best.


Stakeholder management

And on to the supreme discipline:

How do you not only deal effectively with groups, but how do you forge strong connections and alliances. These will help to carry HR measures through the entire company and ensure that the measures do not come to nothing.

The trainers

Elisabeth Hartwig

With more than 15 years of HR expertise and leadership in Argentina & China, Elisabeth's international experience, as well as the founder of Positive Consulting & Female Leaders, has given her a wealth of knowledge and training that will enrich this course.

Elisabeth Hartwig HR Expert


A successful company needs a strong organization! With this in mind, Martina coaches, trains and develops teams and leaders. She draws on more than 15 years of experience in developing organizations and teams, both as an HR professional and as a consultant and coach. In this training you can look forward to Martina's effective interventions and her experience in companies from start-ups to corporates.

The details


Dates (Fridays):


Module 1 - 07.06.24

Module 2 - 05.07.24

Module 3 - 02.08.24

Module 4 - 13.09.24

Module 5 - 11.10.24

Module 6 - 15.11.24


plus self-learning and peer learning phases

Times: 09:00 - 15:00


Meeting point: via Zoom

Group: maximum 14 people

Cost: €1450 plus VAT (early bird)

Regular cost: € 1950 pls VAT

  • Für wen sind die Masterclasses geeignet?
    Wenn du ein Team führst oder Teams, z.B. als HR-Manager, begleitest. Du kannst auch dabei sein, wenn du ein grundsätzliches Interesse hast an dem Thema. Alle sind herzlich Willkommen.
  • Gibt es eine Aufzeichung der Masterclass?
    Ja, es gibt eine Aufzeichung der Masterclass.
  • Wo findet die Masterclass statt?
    Wir treffen uns Online in meinem Zoom - Raum. Nach dem Kauf bekommst du eine Einladung und den Zoom Link.
  • Wieviel Zeit darf ich einplanen?
    Je nach Masterclass können es 90 - 120 minuten sein.
  • Wie bekomme ich Zugang und was passiert, wenn ich nicht live dabei bin?
    Direkt nachdem Kauf bekommst du alle relevanten Informationen per E-Mail. Wenn du nicht live dabei sein kannst, überhaupt kein Problem - du kannst dir die Masterclass danach in Ruhe anschauen.

You want to discover more?
Or you need an individual offer?

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